Panthea VS FAQ

Storing the diagram data in open form (for example, Json) is unsafe, because it is possible to change them unauthorized. An array of binary data protects against this.

The use of global variables from our point of view is not advisable, since it entails a great confusion (which entity and where changed the value). In the Panthea VS system, there is always one entity responsible for storing the values, if you want to transfer them somewhere, then specialized mechanisms (global events or direct connection of diagrams) are used for this. Also avoiding a  strong relationship between the diagrams allows the templating and loading them from the outside.

To do this, there are three possible options. The first and the simplest is the use of instantiated diagrams, the second method is writing a component (based on MonoBehaviour) and adding it to the object through a special element. And finally, the third way is to write your own element, which will implement the necessary logic.

If the diagram is started from an external source, the system cannot access its storage, so it is not possible to debug it among other diagrams. To debug such diagrams, use a separate scene where it will be on the list.

Of course, there are plans to add elements to work with Unity mobile services (advertising, analytics, IAP), work with the network and multiplayer, as well as elements for various basic mechanics.

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